Betting on NFL Games

There are many ways that someone can place a wager on an NFL game. Gambling on NFL games remains the most popular way people bet in the United States. Even major media outlets like ESPN claim they don’t condone betting on sports but are constantly showing point spreads, odds, and feature discussions with professional handicappers and pick makers. Billions of dollars are wagered on an annual basis. If the government legalized sports betting in the United States, especially online they could see a large increase in tax revenues, but that is a discussion for another time.

The point spread, moneyline, and over/under wagers are the most popular when betting on football games. The point spread features a predetermined amount that a bettor thinks the favored team will win by or the underdog to lose less than. The moneyline is a straight pick of who you think will win a game. Over/under wagers deal with another predetermined amount that you think both teams will either score more points than that amount, or score less than that amount. The point spread is definitely the most popular wager when it comes to betting on professional and college football games from the best NFL expert picks against the spread.

Player prop picks or player propositions are growing in popularity. The best NFL player proposition picks online deal with an individual player as opposed to a team or match up. This can be many different things and depends on the player’s position as well. For example, if the pick dealt with a quarterback the categories that you might be able to bet on are touchdown passes, completions, pass attempts and so on. There is a predetermined number and you would wager if you think that player would be under or surpass that particular number. If the player is a receiver then the wager might deal with catches or touchdown catches.

Football is not the only sport that has player props. You can do these types of bets with basketball and baseball games as well. In a basketball game you might be dealing with points, rebounds or blocked shots. In a baseball game when doing a player prop pick with a pitcher then you would be dealing with runs allowed, strikeouts, or innings pitched. With a batter you might be able to place a wager on hits, homeruns, runs scored, or stolen bases. Player props when picked correctly can be very lucrative and add a significant amount of money to your bankroll.

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